Day Six - $1K Binary Trading Challenge

$100 to $1k Binary Challenge Forex Challenge Forex Lesson Results

Week One Review

So, the first week of actually trading is complete.

I had managed to turn $150 ($100 invested) into $475.13. Meaning profit for the week was $325.13 (216.75% growth).

If we take away the time for writing, editing videos and updating the clients on progress it works out at around $85 an hour. This is for the prep work, analysis, and placing trades.

Not bad at all, wouldn't you say?

And that profit is now on my way to my bank account all $325.13.

The main reason that I chose to withdraw now, is to protect my profits.

This also shows, that you don't actually need to start with a lot of money to make money.

Next week will be following the new strategy and seeing where it takes me.

My aim is still to turn $100 invested into $1K, but the process of getting there is never a straightline.

By this I mean that life will always throw events at you which are out of your control...

Day Six Review

And that is why I didn't even look at the chart on day six (Friday).

Unfortunately, when I woke the news had arrived that my nan had passed away in the night. 

Though we all knew it was coming, mentally I wasn't anywhere near the right place to trade.

Recognising this as a trader is as big as a win as any.

Understanding when you should be trading and when not to be trading is one lesson you will need to develop yourself. Only you can make that decision on where you are mentally towards trading.

You need to remember that, yes you can make a lot of money from trading the systems I show and teach, however the risk is real and you could easily lose it all just as fast if not faster.

I openly admit that the process and strategies that I teach are not perfect.

When you understand that you can use the information they provide to your advantage to make well informed decisions.

Have a great weekend and get ready for another exciting week of trading.

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