8th January 2022 - Results

Forex EA Results Trade Copier

This week was a little bit crazy.

I keep being told not to trade during this week but my results have been incredible.

Admittedly I failed to meet my goal but the monetary income generated on the copier was a different level.

Alchemy Gold Copier - 7.64%

So this week is an extra-ordinary week for a couple of reasons.

  1. I was testing the bot against prop trading firm to pass the bot needed to maintain less than 5% drawdown (it failed)
  2. I traded the bot on a Thursday and Friday intermittently as conditions were perfect and I was pushing it hard against the prop firms rules.

This week we had a 7.64% return. It failed against the prop firm because I traded Thursday and Friday on more aggressive settings. 

These aggressive settings took us into a higher drawdown than normal hence why I don't usually allow it to trade Thursday and Friday.

However, the risk reward was considerable. We went from a profit week of 2.5% on Monday to Wednesday at a max of 4% drawdown to generating an additional 5% growth from 10% drawdown.

This got me thinking about how aggressively I should be trading the bots Monday to Wednesday.

I won't lie at the moment they are super conservative.

Depending on the feel of people I may open up a new copier which will be more aggressive in the market which will be higher reward but higher risk.

My anticipation is that you would need a minimal account of $5,000 maybe even $10,000.

Let me know your thoughts by email: tom.kelly@tomkellyonline.com

The trade copier service was not live this week but if it was it would have gotten 2.5% as I would have turned off the copier on Thursday & Friday and not risked everyones money.