Dedicated Trade Copier

This article will discuss the dedicated trade copier, why you would need it, what you receive and how you can gain access.

Why You Need A Dedicated Trade Copier?

The dedicated trade copier is for you if you answer yes to all of the below items:

  • You intend to invest $50,000 or more
  • You have other investments to similar or more you intend to invest
  • You have a basic understanding of Forex but don't have the time or don't want to manually trade

I am very specific in terms of who I work with when it comes to this dedicated trading service.

Because of how labor intensive this is per account it is very limited.

What You Get From Having A Dedicated Trade Copier?

When you get started with the dedicated trade copier you get a very unique and personalised experience to maximise how your investment is going to work for you.

  • We will have a 30 minute zoom call discussing your risk appetite and your expectations
  • I will come up with a trading plan using the range of bots and trading services at my disposal
  • Once we start trading you will have more flexibility and control over your account and your money
  • You will have access to a dedicated e-mail support address specifically for you
  • You will have access to my personal WhatsApp to discuss your trading account
  • We will have a monthly call to discuss progress and any potential changes to the trading methodology

How you Can Get Access To The Dedicated Trade Copier?

As mentioned this trading service is extremely limited.

So much so it is only available to 5 people at any one time.

Price starts at £12,000 per year.

If you would like to discuss availability you can e-mail me at:

Please note that no commission are paid out on the dedicated trade copier!