Who Is Tom Kelly?

I won't lie it is a little weird to be sat here writing this. But here goes...

Tom Kelly | Forex Software Developer

The Beginnings...

TomKellyOnline (TKO) has been several years in the making. Putting together hours upon hours of working into one place so that you can make use the products and solutions I have created, helped create, bought the rights to and modified.

I'll be honest when I first set out with a vision of TKO I didn't expect that it would be what it is today.

It has always been my desire to help people to generate an income online whether that be e-com, marketing, freelance, content creation or trading.

It just so happens that the skills which I have picked up over the years bring me here, being able to help those that need me most.

I am the first to admit sales (of any kind) is not my strong suit. Fixing problems with code is.

When I took my first job within 3 weeks I saw a problem and fixed it with code (VBA). This led to better opportunities and better prospects.

Since then I have gone on to help fix many problems, yet my income remained the same or saw small growth.

If you are like me small growth is not acceptable. This was my new problem that needed fixing.

The search for a solution began.


The world of finance whether forex, crypto, stocks, bonds or the banking systems have always been fascinating to me.

By understanding the markets you can make a lot of money, however if you get it wrong you can also lose a lot of money.

This was the first tough lesson for me. 

Manage risk!

In the early days of my trading I was coming from a position of need. By this I mean I needed to win EVERY trade. 

Soon my initial investment was gone. Back to the drawing board.

The thing with trading forex is that there are MANY strategies that you can adopt and be successful.

Any one person can log in and make profitable trades without any knowledge. But the key to success in being consistent and getting consistent results trade after trade, day after day, week after week... (you get the picture)!

It took me longer to become consistent with my trading when it came to trading manually.

Have you ever focused on something for so long and so hard that when you go to bed you are dreaming about it, and the dreams are so vivid you feel like they are real?

That is me with trading every night.

It is my life.

It wasn't until about 2 years ago (2020) though that I was introduced to automated trading systems (EA'S or AI's).

This new world added another dimension to trading for me.

Forex Automated Trading Systems...

It was around this time that I started to truly understand the markets. By no means am I a brilliant manual trader, however I am consistent.

I have taken this consistency and the hunger to succeed at helping others into my coding systems.

My first desire I won't lie was a selfish one.

It was the desire to stop myself being sat at a computer 24/5 watching the market finding opportunities, taking what the market would give me.

Then when something consistent was found to be able to help people.

And that is where we are now.

As things currently stand, I have:

  • 5 active trading systems which have been profitable with minimum drawdown less than 7% per month
  • 3 further systems in development
  • 25 systems which I own the rights to sell but have not been tested fully

In total over the last couple of years I have put in around 6,000 hours in to development, testing, modifying and analysising the results of the systems.

Are the systems I have access to perfect? NO!

Anyone that tells you they have the perfect trading system is lying or at least bending the truth.

I have come to think of forex trading systems like employees. To maximise the returns from them they need to be managed. A good employee needs to be told to go home every so often so they don't burn out. It is the same with forex EA's. They won't necessarily burn out but they could blow your money.

The great thing about trading systems is that they can be managed with minimum effort, but yet the results can and will be phenomenal.

Why Sell My Systems?

A question which was recently asked to me by a customer was: "Why are you selling your trading systems?"

First and foremost I am an entrepreneur. I make no bones about that and I have put a lot of time and effort into finding systems which are profitable. Also I have paid some serious cash to buy these systems. Some have been disappointing whilst some have been extremely profitable. 

Second, I want to help as many people as possible. Within TKO there is a very rewarding compensation scheme in place. This is a straight 50% commission on everything sold. So, not only can you earn from using the systems, you can also earn from sharing with friends and family. Which in my mind is a win win.

Third, to take trading seriously you need to make an investment. Even using these trading systems you will at some point lose money that is just the way of the market very unpredictable for a retail trader. By making this initial invest in the trading systems you are acknowledging the seriousness of trading. When someone spends money on something they seem to take it a whole lot more seriously and don't give up at the first failure.

Finally, if this is the first time you have seen any of my content you will struggle to understand how honest I am when it comes to trading and trying to help people. It's ok if you don't like me or what I am trying to achieve, I only wish you luck on your journey.

Have a great day

Much love

Tom Kelly