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"Putting Gold In Your Pocket!"

The Trade Copier With No Magic Just Straight Up Amazing Results...

Unlike Alchemy this trading system gives you results.


As you might have guessed, my name is Tom Kelly.

Since 2017 I have been trading on and off, trying hard to learn about how and when to trade.

This has been a very long and draining process.

With me losing a lot of trades but then every so often winning a few to build my hopes back up that I can make this work.

Back in 2020, I had pretty much given up. 

It was at the early stages of the pandemic and i'll be honest I wanted to just curl up in a ball.

Then I had a thought, there must be a better way to trade.

During this process I started to research about automated trading systems. As a programmer I started to get a little bit excited about where this could lead.

Over the next few months I have worked with and got to know some amazing programmers and trading system designers. Which has allowed me to bring you this offering.

"Why Are You Doing This???"

In simple terms I feel the world is broken economically. Too few people have all the wealth.

To break this cycle change needs to happen. This is just the first step in trying to make that change.

Yes, I will make a little bit of money from your membership, but as you can see from the commission plan I have setup and running costs I get less than 50% of your membership.

You have an opportunity to take the first step.

I look forward to connecting you up to the copier and helping you reach your financial goals.

Please read the details further down the page to make sure the Alchemy Trading System is right for you.

Tom Kelly


The below is an extract from a $50k account I was running this on.

Total Profit: $1,942.37

Account Growth: 3.88%

Max Drawdown: 1.3%

Now, I know that not everyone has access to $50k. December was a very slow month due to me managing the bot extremely carefully.

Rules of Bot Management

Now people call me a little weird for this analogue, but I find it is quite useful...

Trading bots most definitely need managing and maintaining consistently, this is kind of like an employee.

By this I mean there are good times for the employee to work and there are bad time for the employee to work.

It is 100% the same for a bot.

With the Alchemy bot it is traded from opening of the Asian market Monday to just before the open of the US market on Wednesday.

There will be times in which this does not trade before Sunday/Monday to Wednesday due to high impact news. It is my job to manage the bot successfully through these times, to maximise profits and minimise losses.

The only guarantee I can make is there will be days in which we lose money that is the nature of trading even with a successful bot like Alchemy. However, I will make sure that those losses are minimal to protect your account.

Minimal Setup 

Getting started is simple:

  1. Make your purchase
  2. Reply to the order confirmation with your Broker Account Number & Your Master Password for the account. (As the bot will be placing trades on your behalf it needs access to the account!)
  3. Your account will be setup on Thursday or Friday as these are dedicated days for setting up new accounts
  4. Enjoy!

Start Up

There are a couple of items which need to be addressed. The first being that the recommend account size to get started is $2,500.


This trade copier will be working for 2 and a half to 3 full trading days per week. With an expected return of 0.25% to 1% per day. 

At 0.5% per day compounded growth would result in:

  • 1.51% per week
  • 7.23% per month
  • 114.49% per year (before monthly fee)
  • 67.93% per year after fees for a $2,500 account
  • 102.85% per year after fees for a $10,000 account

If you are looking to have an account over $50,000 please contact me at as it would be advisable to use a dedicated service at this level. To learn more about our dedicated service click here.